Our vision for the St Francis’ Pastoral Centre inspires us to collaborate in making the Centre a place of:

Welcome: where people can obtain information on the range of daily, weekly and special services at St Francis’ Church and other city churches, on activities at the Pastoral Centre, and on crisis and other social services

Hospitality: where people can receive a friendly welcome and feel at home

Activity: where groups can gather for meetings, talks, seminars, exhibitions, recitals, concerts and the like.

Education: where groups and individuals can, by way of lectures, courses, discussions, displays, access to current journals, publications and other media, gain formation in faith and be informed about current thought and action in the Church and the wider community

Quiet: where people can find a place of quiet and peace in times of personal crisis or need

Care: where people in distress or in other immediate need can receive the pastoral care they need to find a way forward in their lives

Encouragement: where people who for whatever reason may be struggling in their lives are offered pastoral counselling or simple friendly, encouragement to assist them ‘on their pilgrim way’

Meeting: where people from all walks of life and all sections of the community can come, be welcomed with dignity, and meet each other after Mass or prayer time at St Francis’

Co-operation: where people from all parts of the religious and wider community of St Francis’ can work collaboratively and with a shared vision to extend the prayer and worship of St Francis’ Church into pastoral activity.